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Hi, I'm Jason.

(Professional Hockey Player, Kinesiologist, and Founder Of Train 2.0.)

And I have a question for you...
Are You Looking For Battle-Tested Hockey Advice That Actually Works?
Well, you've found it. So it's time to meet your new teammates.

And meet your team's system.

The Train 2.0 Membership is The Best Hockey Research Engine in the world. And our members get the benefits of faster learning, better in-game results, and just plain old more fun!
Why does it work?
I was a washed up college player. I couldn't crack a pro roster. It sucks to admit, but it's true.

I looked back on my career, and I wondered where I went wrong. I listened to all my coaches advice. I read all the "right books". I worked my ass off. But I didn't achieve my dream of playing professional hockey. Why?

So then I began coaching. I started researching how I could help my players get better in-game results. And I realized that there was a better way to teach them. I used what I learned as a hockey player and kinesiologist to design a new system. So I started to lay the foundations what is now known as the Train 2.0 System. And as I taught my players...I also taught myself.

Then something strange happened. My improvement skyrocketed. And after two years of "retirement", I got asked to tryout for a professional team and signed my first professional contract. At the time of writing this, I'm currently playing professionally in Russia and China on a 2-way KHL deal.
How does it work?
Research. Instruction. Interaction.

It starts with video research. We watch the best players in the world, and use our system to learn their mechanics and patterns. Then we show our findings to our members.

Then we instruct. We created The Source Code Drills to teach the Magic Mechanics. They are updated regularly as our research advances.

Finally, we interact. With our Private Facebook Group, members share their videos and feedback. We watch the videos, provide feedback, and receive feedback. Then we feed this information back into our research.

The result for us is a system that is evidence-based and iterative. The result for you is faster hockey development than ever.
What is the Train 2.0 Membership...
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic".
 - Arthur C. Clarke

Train 2.0 is a system of research, instruction, and interaction that gives most players better results than working with a 1on1 skills coach. Because we go further in-depth into mechanics, and have a team to research the patterns of the pros, you get all the benefit of an NHL Level Video Team for a tiny fraction of a price. You also get feedback from Jason & the Train 2.0 team and unlimited review of your videos. 
What People Are Saying
Information That Parents And Players Are Grateful to Finally Receive

Cam Hoel (Train 2.0 Member)

For the first time, a coach fully explained why I should do certain exercises. Jason helped me see another side of hockey. I used to think that the only way I could get better was by "working harder" - even though I didn't even know what that really meant. Jason basically took me by the hand as he showed me the answer to my question "How Do I Get Better?" Oh, and in two months, I achieved my 18 month goal of making the Tier 1 Team at my club!
More Learning Packed Into Less Time

Gene Chan (Train 2.0 Member)

I find that when my son is learning from Jason, one hour with him is worth many as with other coaches. He combines knowledge from so many fields - and it's all backed by a reasoning I understand. We count ourselves blessed to have come across Jason and his work!
Hard and Smart Work Pays Off

L.S. (Train 2.0 Member)

Two years ago I moved away to play at University and wasn't nearly good enough to stick with the top league and was quickly "demoted" to beer league. After two years of hard work, six months of which I was working with you, I just finished camp with the head coach. He said if I tried out for the top league I'd easily get a spot. I'm moving so I won't get a chance to play here, but seeing that I have significantly improved progressed is such an amazing feeling and I wanted to thank you for all the work you've done, all the questions answered, and all the heart, spirit, and belief that you put into coaching people like me who have "no chance" at being hockey players because they started too late or whatever reason.
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