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Study NHL Mechanics & Patterns. Teach to players to get in-game results. Accelerate progress through science, technology, and psychology.

Isn’t It Time To Upgrade?

Player First – Result Focused Hockey Training

  • Make complicated simple
  • Start trusting your advice
  • Actually measure your progress


Hi! I’m Jason,

I’m a professional hockey player, Kinesiologist, and the Founder of Train 2.0.

In my 25 years of elite hockey, 10 years of elite coaching, and my extensive background in kinesiology, I realized that there is a huge gap between what players can achieve and what they actually achieve.

So we created Train 2.0 because hockey players are missing something important:

A hockey training system that gives back what you put in.

So if you’re willing to invest your time and energy – you get results.

Simple as that.

It’s no longer a mystery why some players are better than others.

The best players are not Magical Beings. They are governed by the same laws of physics of you and me.

Through thousands of hours researching and instructing the next generation of players, I’ve discovered the Magic Mechanics and the Patterns of the Pros.  These are the Mechanics that make the NHL stars look like Magic. And the Patterns the Pros use to get in-game results.

We took this information and put it together in a system. The next version of hockey training: Train 2.0. We use the latest advancements in science, technology, and psychology so that you get the fastest improvements and leap ahead of your competition.

How Train 2.0 Helps Hockey Players Upgrade Their Hockey Training
hockey training system
Does this sound familiar…

Work harder.

Want it more.

You have to be motivated.

Yes. Those are all true things. But they don’t get all players where they want to go.

What most players are missing is a hockey training system.

There are plenty of hard-working players that don’t make it.

There are plenty of motivated players who are not Sidney Crosby.

Go down to the rink and you’ll meet a bunch of players who want it bad – but will never make the NHL.

The real question is: How can you take a complicated sport like hockey and be so good they can’t ignore you?

The answer: You need a system.

Maybe you need Train 2.0. Maybe you have your own system. It doesn’t really matter. But you need a system.

A way to improve your skills so fast, no one can keep up.

A surefire way to get results in games.

A proven way to be on your game Every. Single. Day.

At Train 2.0, we’ve built a hockey training system that gets better and better every day We leverage the science of motor learning, the psychology of accelerated learning and the latest advancements in technology to run the system. The system that is powering the hockey training of players all over the world. (Don’t worry – you’ll know who they are soon.)

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Coaching Ice Hockey Legend

“The hockey skating techniques Jason shared with me have helped me continue playing at the pro level”

Mat Bodie – Ice Hockey Player
Hartford Wolfpack

Gene Chan - Smart Hockey Parent

“We are so lucky to have found Jason. It’s like my son’s love for the game got even bigger after learning Jason’s Formulas. The improvements he saw gave him a big boost.”

Gene Chan – Parent

Nic Renyard - Hockey Goalie

“The techniques and movements I was taught increased my speed in the crease and brought my hockey game to the next level”

Nic Renyard – Goalie
University of Massachusetts (NCAA Division I)
2014-2015 Canadian Junior A Player of the Year


Train 2.0 employs and empowers Midget, Junior, and College Hockey Players. We provide flexible “work from anywhere” employment to young hockey players. We aim to support their dreams by giving them sustainable employment and a great learning environment to apply to their own game.

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