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How To Maximize Player Development

  • Players: We help gain a mechanical advantage in learning and understanding the kinesiology of hockey as it relates to their own body type and skillset.
  • Coaches: Who are looking to increase their knowledge and awareness of movement standards in the sport, suitable for players of all skill levels and ages.
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Mechanics First Approach ​

Reverse Engineered: With technology what it is today we are able to learn exactly how the NHL's best are moving, structuring their movement standards and making them available to players all over the world.

Bio Mechanics: By concentrating on a player's mechanics it is the fastest, most efficient way of increasing performance in the shortest amount of time.

Education: Closing the gap in knowledge between what the top players are doing and what is being taught by traditional skill and power skating coaches.

System: A player development system derived from education, video analysis and implementation of mechanics from the world's best.

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Jason Yee's Credentials

  • Finished atop of his class and graduating with a kinesiology degree from UBC.
  • Wrote his thesis on player selections and the process of making a hockey team.
  • Professional playing experience combined with 15 years of coaching experience.
  • Currently working with some of the world's best NHL players.

Downhill Skating vs. Power Skating

Downhill Skating

1) Emphasizes using gravity and the natural flow of skating to enhance speed and reduce energy expenditure.

2) Focused on in-game footwork patterns, weight shifts and mechanics stacks.

3) Uses the muscles natural bounce, spring and stretch shortening cycles to skate with more rhythm and ease.

4) Using language on the fundamentals to make mechanics progressable into patterns and then progressing those patterns into in game results.

Power Skating

1) Requires intense effort and can be physically demanding by training muscle contractions and increasing tension.

2) Often uses long edge holds, is less about moving fluidily and more about muscle strength.

3) More forceful, explosive pushing and digging into the ice which leads to greater energy consumption.

4) Unrealistic to in-game situations and fails to translate mechanics effectively.

Learning From Those Who Came Before Us

Kobe Bryant often mentioned in interviews how he would watch tape of Micheal Jordan and try to emulate his techniques.

He studied Jordan's footwork, fadeaway shot, dekes and tactics. Kobe saw Jordan as a template for success and excellence.

At Train 2.0 Jason is applying this same logic for today's players to learn from these superstars and emulate their fundamentals and technique.

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Posts From Our Community Group

🎙️ Jacob Thurston-

2.0 Member Dad

We enrolled in your program in August, when he was barely on a team in the lowest tier, and by the end, he became one of the best kids. He was able to skate circles around the other kids, performing 10-2's.

All the parents started asking, 'What is he doing?! Private coaching?!' No, it's an online training system, which they can't believe is just that.

It's been really awesome to see how much we have grown. The coach is saying his shot is getting ridiculous! 'Kid, what are you doing?! How do you shoot like that?!'

People don't understand what's possible through your program. We're having fun and enjoying every second of it, so thank you so much for that.

🎙️ John Swanson-@x7hockey

Two years ago my 9 year old daughter was extremely behind as a skater. Two years later she is one of the best skaters in North America for her age. She now has around 250+ hours doing Train2.0.

I was professional hockey player, with strong understanding of the game. What Train 2.0 helped me understand and implement was the skills and regressions to help me meet her where she was at as a player.

Whether she steps on the ice with her teammates or even when she skates with the college players I coach she is a confident skater.

Because her skating ability stands out, there isn’t a game that goes by where someone doesn’t stop and ask me what she does for training. Train 2.0 is a huge reason for her success. Many thanks all.

🎙️ Ben Frank-

Ontario Jr. Reign

Can’t thank DSS and you guys enough. Been sharing my daughters journey here with DSS as total non impact player at lower levels less than 6 months ago to faster progress than I could have imagined.

I’m seeing soft drags, punches, dangle by design, anchor release, even mcdavid warmup drills lol all emerge in the games.

Just want to thank you guys. Been playing, coaching, teaching for a long time. NEVER seen the rapid progress I have seen experimenting with Train2.0 with my daughter. 3-4 months ago she was literally non impact player who hardly touched and never carried the puck. She still has a long way to go but here are a couple clips from this weekend.

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