The Mechanic.

Hey, I’m Jason.

Players, parents, coaches come to me when they have questions that they can’t answer anywhere else.

When other coaches, other resources, other ideas don’t give you the results that you believe you can get – you go see the mechanic. The mechanic takes a look under the hood and gets things working the way you want. Getting everyone ounce of performance out of you and your vehicle.

Professional hockey player. Kinesiologist who studied at a Top 35 University in the world. And master mechanic. If you have questions, I have answers.

The days of hockey being messy, imprecise, and ambiguous are over. The dark ages are over. And the players, coaches, and parents who are stuck there are losing. And they’re gonna lose even bigger. Using the latest research, technology, and science, we tell you what is going on so you know exactly how to get what you want. We’re the evolution of hockey. The next version. We’re winning big. And it’s just getting started.