Hi I’m Jason Yee. This is Train 2.0

The System For Finding The Hidden Advantages In Hockey. Designed by a Pro Hockey Player & Kinesiologist.

Unlock the player you are meant to be

You’ve always had questions – now you have the answers

  • What exactly do the best do?
  • Why haven’t you learned it too?
  • How to do it!

NHL Research – Applied To You

If you haven’t gotten the results that you want, it’s because of Drone Coaching. Copycat advice from the 1960’s. And it doesn’t work.

NHLers are at another level. As a kinesiologist, I studied their movement for thousands of hours. And then we created simple exercises to learn them. Fast.

Drone coaching will never get you where you want to go. It’s not their fault. The roadmap never existed before. But it does now.

The Story

Do you ever think that hockey isn’t as fun as it used to be?

We’re bringing the fun back. Not fluffy rainbow and sunshine shit. This is based on cold hard facts.

Players work harder, persist longer, and compete harder when they have fun. Science proves this. And Train 2.0 delivers this.

We believe in fun through progress. Fun through winning. Fun through story telling.

Watch me tell my story.

The System For On-Ice Results

The science-based system for results.

We don’t know anything. We want to be proven wrong. And how backward is that from most coaching?

We research movement. Develop movement hypotheses. And test them against our members.

Constantly refining our instructions to teach you faster – giving you better results.

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