Hey, I’m Jason.

Like you, I worked as hard as possible to make the NHL.

But I didn’t make it. I couldn’t even crack pro.

I blamed myself for not trying hard enough. For not being good enough. For getting stuck.

I always wondered what was behind the surprising success of the stars. Why were they able to look so good on the ice? Especially when I was trying so hard, but struggling to keep up.

What I found won’t surprise you. It’s not magic. It’s mechanics.

The thing was: No one was teaching the mechanics behind the magic.

During my last season of college hockey at the University of British Columbia (Top 35 school in the world), everything changed. I used the latest research from my degree, my playing experience, and my growing coaching business to create a revolutionary system. I created an approach to studying the mechanics and habits of NHLers. And then teaching it. To myself. And then to others.

And then, after two years of “retirement” (studying, teaching, learning) I was offered a 3-year pro contract in the KHL! It was my dream come true to play professional hockey. And I was pretty damn lucky to receive the opportunity. And to be prepared when it came.

Enough about me…

The most important thing to me is that you, the player, comes first. This means that the instructions you receive actually work. We are not like other coaches. We are not money focused. Not influence focused. Not power focused. I hate those things. Because it takes away from you: the player.

Here at Train 2.0, expect a rigorous, relentless, and scientific approach to studying the game. And expect to be surprised when what you learn feels like magic. And then you’ll smile as you learn what has been kept from you.

How Train 2.0 Works


We research the Mechanics and Patterns of NHLers with our proprietary 3-Step System. We start with the end in mind: achieving an observable game outcome. Then we work backward to establish patterns. Then we break down the individual mechanics of the patterns.


We instruct players based on our research. We use an approach called “The Straight Path”. We use the latest science in accelerated learning to get players to their goals as quickly and as smoothly as possible. The Straight Path is a 4-Step process that involves 80/20 Analysis, Expert Modelling, Sequencing, and Visual Feedback.


We do what drone coaches don’t. We see if our teaching is working. We get feedback from players. We watch how quickly they learn the Magic Mechanics and Patterns of the Pros. And if we think they can learn it faster, we figure out how.

Do You Play With Instinct?


Most hockey players today are playing well below their potential. Playing with unnatural movements taught by “expert” coaches.

Players who move with the Magic Mechanics move with instinct. When they move with instinct, everything is automatic.

When everything is automatic, players take advantage of their opponents.

That’s when the fun starts. Because we help players create killer NeuroLinks. This is real brain wiring between opportunities and rewards. We show players the opportunities. And then we show them how to get the rewards.

When players master the NeuroLinks that make up the Patterns of the Pros, they go from anticipating to manipulating. We call these players hockey wizards.

The truth is that you have a natural instinct for the game. Let’s bring it out and make it stronger.

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Creator of Train 2.0

Jason is a professional hockey player (HC Kunlun Red Star), Kinesiologist and the Head Coach & Founder of Train 2.0. Jason operates Train 2.0 while playing professionally in Asia and in Europe – and offers private coaching and camps in Vancouver, BC.

You can start reading his blog and checking out his YouTube Chanel to learn more about his approach and philosophy. And if you’d like to have a conversation with an AI version of Jason, you can…