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Instinct. The best players move with instinct. Play with instinct. Trust their instinct.

You might have been taught something unnatural. You might not be living up to your potential as a player. You might not be playing full out.

It’s not hard work. It’s not dedication. It’s not talent.

It’s instinct.

If it doesn’t feel natural to move, if it takes too long to learn, if you’re feeling like you are not playing to your potential – it’s not your fault.

You have a natural instinct inside. Hockey Wizards grow their natural instinct and trust it. They play with an instinct so they don’t even have to think.

Here at Train 2.0, we’ve uncovered the Science of Instinct. We work with players to determine their Player Identity and then combine it with NHL Mechanics Naturally to bring out their Natural Instinct.

How You Grow Your Natural Instinct

Do You Play With Instinct?

Most hockey players today are playing well below their potential. The skills taught today are based on copycat antics. Not science.

Players who move with the Magic Mechanics move with instinct. When they move with instinct, everything is automatic.

We teach players how to use their skills in game situations by using Formulas. Their decisions become instinct. They start anticipating instead of reacting.

When these players master the Formulas, they go from anticipating to manipulating. We call these players hockey wizards.

You have a natural instinct for the game. The proof is that you are here. It may be something you trust and want to grow – or it may be something that coaches have driven out of you.

Either way: You’re in the right place!

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Are You A Programmed Drone Player? Or Are You Training To Be A Wizard?

If you’re wondering why you are getting left behind – it is not due to lack of effort. It is not due to lack of dedication. It is not due to lack of talent. The reason is very different.

Hockey Wizards control the game.

A Hockey Wizard plays purely based on Natural Instinct. 

No. You can’t “Coach” natural instinct. Most coaching buries natural instinct.

Your instinct must be honed carefully. There is a science to it. And an art.

When you combine your player identity with the best traits of NHLers in a natural way that feels good – you get a strong natural instinct that works. You can’t teach it. But you can feel it. We help you feel it and trust it. Stronger than before.


Creator of Train 2.0

Jason is a professional hockey player (HC Kunlun Red Star), Kinesiologist and the Head Coach & Founder of Train 2.0. Jason operates Train 2.0 while playing professionally in Asia and in Europe – and offers private coaching and camps in Vancouver and Victoria, BC.

You can start reading his blog and checking out his YouTube Chanel to learn more about his approach and philosophy.

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