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January 28, 2018

How to Skate Like McDavid – Part 3 (Ankle Flexibility Secret)

How to Skate Like McDavid – Part 3 (Ankle Flexibility Secret)

how to skate like mcdavid - mcdavid skating technique

If you want to learn how skate like McDavid, you need to understand the mechanics behind his stride. We say this often, but these NHL stars are NOT fleshy bags of magic (Thanks to Scott Adams for that term). There are mechanical principles behind their magic. That’s why we call them the Magic Mechanics.

Often overlooked in hockey: ankle mobility. One way that McDavid is able to put freakish force into the ice is with uncommon ankle mobility. In this video we see evidence of this with his off-ice training. And we examine the biomechanics behind why it matters.

Ankle mobility often holds players back from being able to put force into the ice. Not downward force into the ice. But laterally. Skaters like McDavid allow their ankles to “go soft” – which means that the ankle relaxes and the skate is allowed to tip over. This lets the edge dig into the ice.

Most skaters have rigid ankles. They look at “ankle skaters” and sneer – but their own rigidity is holding them back. When you have soft ankles, you reduce the tension of the muscles around your ankle joints and flow like water on the ice.

The effect is like a cart on a rail. From that place of stability, stars like McDavid are able to generate a ton of speed and agility while maintaining balance and control.

If you’d like to learn more about how to skate like McDavid, you can learn more here because he’s a fast skater.

– Jason

January 28, 2018

How to Score Goals In Hockey – Auston Matthews Goal Scoring Formula

Auston Matthews Goals – His Goal Scoring Formula

About 50% of Auston Matthews 39 goals followed a predictable pattern using what we call “Matthews Office” and the “Rhythmic Release”. He also used a pattern called the “Matthews Drive” to capitalize off the rush for 5/39 of his goals. In this video, we do a summary breakdown of these patterns.

If you’d like to see the COMPLETE breakdown, you can learn more here.

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– Jason

January 28, 2018

How to Score Goals In Hockey – Kucherov Goal Scoring Breakdown

How to Score Goals In Hockey – Kucherov Goal Scoring Breakdown

Today, we breakdown how to score goals in hockey using Nikita Kucherov as an example. You might see how Nikita Kucherov is able to score with such consistency in the 2016-2017 season. He uses 4 different patterns of Magic Mechanics to score his 40 goals. And when we see patterns of Magic Mechanics that achieve in-game results, we call them Patterns of the Pros.

The Patterns of the Pros that we see Kucherov use to score are the lazy 1-timer, the Royal 1-timer, the Non-Cherry Pattern, and the Stealth Deception Footwork. Kucherov layers a lot of skating Magic Mechanics into these patterns.

The Lazy 1-Timer looks like the kind of shot that a coach would tell you looks “lazy”. You saunter up to the puck, spin and shoot. But the spin sets up a powerful release that is also deceptive to the goalie.

The Royal 1-Timer is a one-timer that occurs off a royal road pass. The Magic Mechanics of the 1-Timer are necessary to hit a Royal 1-Timer. And the best in the world at this is Ovechkin.


Credit to The Hockey News for this image

The Non-Cherry pattern is a fun one – since Don Cherry never wants players cutting to the middle…but Kucherov does it anyway. He uses this pattern in a couple ways. Either with the puck to create space for himself. Or he drops the puck and uses this to create a 2on1 opportunity.

Lastly, he uses something called stealth footwork to setup wrist shots. He crosses over before he sets his feet. This crossover changes the angle and makes it hard for the goalie to read. The key to this is to be able to transition from crossover to plant to shot smoothly.

If you watched the breakdown and read this little summary, you might be interested in the full breakdown of Kucherov’s goal scoring. You can access a full video breakdown here because you get a lot more detail when it is visual.

To your constant and never-ending improvement,

– Jason

January 28, 2018

How to Shoot Like Auston Matthews – Shot Breakdown

How to Shoot Like Auston Matthews

In this video we cover the three parts of Matthews’ shot release – that is tearing up the league. Auston Matthews shot might look like Magic – but there are mechanics behind the Magic. The stances and footwork he uses. How his angle change comes from his footwork and hip twist. And the way he transfers his weight. So if you want to learn how to shoot like Auston Matthews – don’t imagine him to be magic. It’s all mechanics. We can examine those mechanics and learn them ourselves.

To break down how to shoot like Auston Matthews, we look at three things:

  1. How his foot position changes from what we call a tripod to a lunge
  2. His hips twist for both power and angle change
  3. How his hands follow his foot and hip movements

For a long time, I used to watch star players and wonder what they were doing. Their hand movements were the obvious part. But it took a while for me to recognize, categorize, and learn their hip movements. And this learning helped unlock a ton of movement options for me and my clients. Matthews has some of the best hips and footwork in the game. And this is one thing that sets him apart: he’s able to use his footwork and hips to be more balanced in more situations. This might sound simple – but it isn’t. In challenging situations, Matthews can be more balanced. When you are more balanced, your head can stay more still for increased ability to aim and track incoming players. And this lets you make smarter and faster decisions.

There is a whole bunch more on how to shoot like Auston Matthews’ that I’d love to show you. So we’ve created an in-depth video breakdown of both Auston Matthews’ shot and his goal scoring patterns from the 2016-2017 season. If you’d like to go beyond the summaries and into the full video breakdowns, you can check those out here.

– Jason

January 28, 2018

How to Stickhandle Like Patrick Kane – Magic Mechanics Breakdown

How to Stickhandle Like Patrick Kane – Magic Mechanics Breakdown

If you’ve ever wanted to stickhandle better for hockey…
If you’ve ever wanted to stickhandle faster…
If you’ve ever wanted to stickhandle properly…

But you weren’t able to achieve it. Even with lots of practice. Maybe even with training aids…

The real reason you’ve been held back IS NOT YOUR FAULT. It’s the mechanics taught by drone coaches.

In this presentation, we talk about the Magic Mechanics of Patrick Kane’s Stickhandling and how you can replicate them.

You’ll learn the scientific and motor learning principles behind Kane’s stickhandling. And if you’d like to take the next step, and learn how to put those principles into action: you can learn how here.

– Jason

January 28, 2018

How to Deke Like Kane and Crosby – Belfry’s Secret Move?

How to Deke Like Kane and Crosby

Here’s a fun little video on how to Deke like Patrick Kane and how to deke like Sidney Crosby. In studying NHL video, I happened to notice that Crosby and Kane did the exact same move. Just on opposite sides of the ice. And while most coaches and players look at moves, we like to look at patterns. So what pattern of skills occurred in what order to make the move work. One explanation for these mirror patterns is that it’s a coincidence. A second is that two great NHLers are likely to have similar traits anyway. A third, and more fun, explanation is that these two players share(d) a “skills” coach: Darryl Belfry. Could it be that this is a signature Belfry pattern? Only a few guys know for sure…

– Jason

March 11, 2017

How to Shoot Like Patrik Laine

You might have guessed it, but this shot cannot be taught. It can only be understood.

The Drone Coaches do not tell you to shoot this way. They give you other “advice”.

If you’re ready to unlock your shot and accept your destiny as a hockey wizard, then it’s time to check out…

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– Jason

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February 22, 2017

What Separates Top 6 NHLers from The Bottom

I explain the science behind the magic of top 6 NHLers.

The Magic isn’t some sort of mystical force. It has to do with the WAY that Top 6 NHLers learn.

The Drone Coaches and Surface Thinkers struggle with a concept I call the “Look-Feel Paradox”. The Surface Thinkers would still crash the Titanic today if they were steering it.

Drone Coaches and Surface Thinkers like to think in terms of measurable improvements. They look at your skills and hope 5% improvements will help.

Wizard coaches literally CREATE new skills. They go from 0-1. Zero to one. They find the unique parts of a player’s game that they are missing. That is holding them back. Then they plug the missing piece into the puzzle. When this happens, the results look magical.

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– Jason

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January 28, 2017

How To Skate Like Connor McDavid Part 2 – Does He Hypnotize NHLers?

How To Skate Like Connor McDavid Part 2 – Does He Hypnotize NHLers?

What exactly does McDavid DO to dominate the NHL so quickly?

It might not be a mystery. But the reason is mysterious.

The reason…magic mechanics.

His movements. Not his moves. His movements hypnotize NHLers.

They are effortless. They create immediate speed. And they are not taught to you by Drone Coaches.

Come learn this secret at Train 2.0. What you learn will astound you.

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– Jason

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January 19, 2017

Pavel Datsyuk Stickhandling – Was He Only Average?

Pavel Datsyuk Stickhandling Training – Was He Only Average?

In this video, I’m going to explain why you probably have more talent than Datsyuk.

Yes, that’s right.

You have more talent than Datsyuk.

You’re probably watching these clips right now and thinking that I’m nuts. And you’re right.

Datsyuk wasn’t known as the magic man because he had more talent and skill. He was known as the magic man because he had magic mechanics.

His mechanics allowed him to use less skill to achieve more magic.


Did you know that cross country skiers have way more aerobic capacity than runners? So their lungs and hearts can process oxygen way better than runners.

But if you put a skier in a race with a runner – the runner wins every time.

Why? Because the runner has better mechanics.

Datsyuk has better mechanics than most players. At Train 2.0 we call them magic mechanics.

His mechanics literally make it EASY for him to display magical skill.

Your mechanics make it hard to display magical skill. You’ve practiced all these drills to develop your hands, but the mechanics you are using are making it really hard. Kind of like the skier trying to run.

The most important part of Datsyuk’s magic mechanics is his hip movements. Everyone thinks he has the best hands. He really has the best hips.

The two things he did better than anyone is the hip scissor and the 45 degree step. I’ve mentioned both in my McDavid and Karlsson video breakdowns.

What if you had more talent and skill than Datsyuk and you had just been taught the wrong mechanics? What if there was a way to literally make a quantum leap in your development?

Then click the link to here to get the free training which just might give you that quantum leap.

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– Jason

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