The Downhill Skating System

How To Unlock Your Skating Potential Like Connor McDavid

“McDavid Is A Freak Of Nature? How Can I Ever Skate Like Him…”


That’s what everyone else says.

But you might dream bigger.

You might imagine whipping around defenders with ease.

Changing direction at top speed – and actually picking up speed as you do it.

Feeling like you’re skating downhill while everyone is skating up.

And you might have even felt it once or twice but…

The “Power Skating Problem”

Your body might be so confused by the “power skating problem” that skating downhill only happens by accident.

It seems like they call it “Power Skating” because it takes a lot of power to skate that way.

But you don’t want your skating style to use up a lot of power…

You want it to unlock your power!

Power skating coaches teach you to how to push with the power in your legs. How to separate your body for stability. How to use your edges for balance.

This works just fine for some players.

It’s true that players who use the power skating stride can keep up. They can even do okay. But they’ll never catch the Downhill Skaters. The players, like McDavid, who know how to use their “Inner Spring” and edges to skate downhill.

How I discovered the Downhill Skating Technique:


I was doing a presentation at a local business about how testosterone effects your ability to “win deals” and I got talking with the finance manager there. She told me that she had seen my video on how to accelerate in hockey and told me that I was a “pretty good skater”.

I’ll be honest – I scoffed at this comment.

Coaches had been telling me for years that skating was my strongest skill. I never felt like it held me back on the ice.

But intrigued, I asked her what she meant.

She told me about this “whole new way of skating”. One that only a fraction of NHLers had even come close to mastering. She told me that if she could teach it to some of them, it would change the game.

I scoffed again.

Until she started explaining the system to me.

And I tried the system.

And almost fell over the first few times because it felt like I was skating… downhill.

Seeing With A New Filter On Reality

Once you see the Downhill Skating System – every other player looks like Bambi scrambling on the ice.

Once you understand the rules of the Downhill Skating System – Everyone else looks like this… YIKES!

It’s true. They really look that way. It will change how you look at skaters. Believe me!

So I started studying what it means to Skate Downhill. What movements do you make with your hips? Where do your feet go? How do you lean?

As a kinesiologist, I’ve studied thousands of hours of video footage – analyzing movement. And now it was time to study something I thought I knew – but didn’t at all: Skating.

I started seeing how the best runners in the world Run Downhill. It’s called the Pose Technique.

I started seeing how the best speed skaters Skated Downhill. It’s called the Double Push Technique.

And it started to make sense.

I got really excited!!!

Excited to teach myself this new system of skating. Excited to teach it to my players. To give them to experience of skating downhill. The experience of feeling relaxed as you blow by opponents. As you pick up speed with every single step. As you use the puck on your stick to propel you even faster.

So I was pumped to master the system and teach it to players. Players who suspect that there’s something beyond power skating. That there are mechanics behind McDavid’s magic. And that you can learn them too.

Is The Downhill Skating System Different?

The Downhill Skating System Teaches you how to use your whole body to generate power. Your shoulders and ribcage generate as much power as your legs. But Power Skating Coaches tell you to hold them steady. This cuts off at least 30% of your power. On one hand, you have to Push for Power. On the other, you use your Inner Spring to amplify your power.

The Key To Amplifying Your Skating Power: The Inner Spring

The Downhill Skating System Teaches you how to use your edges to skate downhill. Where you place your body weight over your edges makes a big difference whether you’re a Push Power Skater or a Downhill Skater.

What does the latest research in Kinesiology teach us about “leaning” for speed?

The Downhill Skating System Teaches you where to place pressure on the blade for maximum power and control. Power Skating Coaches teach you to push with your toes. This causes your calves to tense up – robbing you of power and reducing your ability to change directions. Some people call that agility.

The Downhilll Skating System shows you how to twist your hips for maximum power. Most Power Skating coaches think that a stride is a push with external rotation. Not only does this rob players of Power – but it also increases the risk of groin and hip flexor injury. The Downhill Skating System aligns your muscles in the most efficient way for each stride. Reducing the risk of groin pulls and increasing leg power.

how to skate like mcdavid - mcdavid skating technique

Everyone else sees push. Downhill Skaters see this and think twist.

What You Get With the Downhill Skating System

Over 36 HD Videos Of Every Drill To Master The Mechanics

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Off-Ice drills that you can practice anywhere – No equipment needed

Detailed step-by-step instructions to master the mechanics

Private Facebook Group to post videos and get immediate feedback from Train 2.0 coaches

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