The Downhill Skating System

How To Unlock Your Skating Potential Like Connor McDavid

The Hidden Techniques Of The NHL Stars

If you’re like me, you might be a little frustrated when you do all the power skating instruction and research – but still don’t skate like McDavid, Barzal, or Panarin.

You might blame yourself a little like I did. You might wonder: do I need to train harder in the gym? What am I doing wrong? And how does this affect my stickhandling at speed, my shot, and my decision making?

It’s confusing.

I understand. Because I was known as a “strong skater”. At least that’s what all my power skating coaches told me. But I wondered why I couldn’t MOVE like the NHLers. Why could they stickhandle and shoot so much better? I really did blame myself – and I worked harder and harder.

Then I realized the reason I never measured up to NHLers is not that I didn’t try hard enough. Not because I didn’t work hard and dedicate myself. But the technique I learned was ALL WRONG.

When I started researching NHLers’ movements, I realized that there were a whole bunch of movements, techniques, and mechanics that NHLers use – that never get taught in Power Skating. Transitional movements. Subtle hip adjustments. Ankle steering. Heel edge control.

When I starting exploring and testing these movements, I realized that I had been skating in chains! I realized that NHLers skate downhill, while everyone else is stuck pushing.

By downhill I mean that NHLers use gravity and torque to skate. This allows them to blend their skating into their stickhandling and shooting effortlessly.

As I began uncovering these hidden mechanics, teaching them to my players, and learning them myself I was blown away at how EASY skating became. How easy stickhandling at speed became. How easy it was to catch and receive shots at speed. How easy it was to be deceptive.

Most players work too hard with the technique they’ve been taught They use mechanics that “look” right but make it harder to move with ease, control, and precision.

Why Hasn’t This Existed Before?

The truth is that this style of skating has existed for a long time. Bobby Orr, Paul Coffey, Scott Niedermeyer all skated downhill. Gretzky, Lemieux, Bure.

Who taught these guys to skate?

We don’t know really know!!! Do we?!?!

Downhill Skating has always existed. Coaches have probably taught Downhill Skating. There are many great coaches out there. But the mechanics, method, and research have never been documented. Until now.

The Downhill Skating System

I didn’t learn this from a Guru in the mountains. I didn’t find the answer the Bure’s speed when I was playing pro in Russia. So what allowed me to figure this out?

While earning my Kinesiology degree at the University of British Columbia, I began researching human biomechanics. With high definition video of NHLers becoming available all over the internet, I began my search for the hidden techniques. Spending thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars researching this movement. I talked to the top skating coaches I knew and learned what I could. And it finally came together.

How to Learn Downhill Skating

If you are open to a new way of thinking about skating, then I want to help you learn it. You can see all my research and ideas for free on my blog and YouTube Channel. Then I share the exact step by step instructions in video lesson format on the 4 Week Downhill Skating Course.

You CAN learn Downhill Skating without the course. The secrets to Downhill Skating are “hidden” because I spent so much time studying them. You can study them too and even use my free resources as a jump start. Naturally, it will take more time. That’s why I condensed the learning for you in the Downhill Skating Course.

Don’t Buy My Course

Don’t buy my course right away. Please read and watch my free material first. Make sure the ideas, research, and suggestions make sense. And if you study and come to the conclusion that investing in this course could boost your skating to the next level, then the course might be for you. After studying my work, if you think that this could unlock all of your skills, then this might be a good idea.

Don’t Pay Me Anything

Have you ever asked a skating coach or hockey camp for a refund when you didn’t get the in-game results that you wanted? Me neither.

Most skating coaches are between $50 and $150/hr. Most power skating camps are $350-600 for three to five days. And 99% of them don’t know or can’t teach the Downhill Skating System. And are you truly paying for results? For a big shift? Or more of the same?

The Downhill Skating System is a 4-Week Results Guaranteed Course with over 40 HD videos and in-depth breakdowns. I literally guarantee that you will be extremely happy with the results or you get your money back.

Is The Downhill Skating System Different?

The Downhill Skating System Teaches you how to use your whole body to generate power. Your shoulders and ribcage generate as much power as your legs. But Power Skating Coaches tell you to hold them steady. This cuts off at least 30% of your power. On one hand, you have to Push for Power. On the other, you use your Inner Spring to amplify your power.

The Key To Amplifying Your Skating Power: The Inner Spring

The Downhill Skating System Teaches you how to use your edges to skate downhill. Where you place your body weight over your edges makes a big difference whether you’re a Push Power Skater or a Downhill Skater.

What does the latest research in Kinesiology teach us about “leaning” for speed?

The Downhill Skating System Teaches you where to place pressure on the blade for maximum power and control. Power Skating Coaches teach you to push with your toes. This causes your calves to tense up – robbing you of power and reducing your ability to change directions. Some people call that agility.

The Downhilll Skating System shows you how to twist your hips for maximum power. Most Power Skating coaches think that a stride is a push with external rotation. Not only does this rob players of Power – but it also increases the risk of groin and hip flexor injury. The Downhill Skating System aligns your muscles in the most efficient way for each stride. Reducing the risk of groin pulls and increasing leg power.

how to skate like mcdavid - mcdavid skating technique

Everyone else sees push. Downhill Skaters see this and think twist.

What You Get With the Downhill Skating System

Off-Season rollerblade exercises that translate to the ice

Over 40 HD Videos Of Every Drill To Master The Mechanics

30 Day Results Guarantee – Or Your Money Back

On ice drills that can be completed on ice or on rollerblades

Off-Ice drills that you can practice anywhere – No equipment needed

Detailed step-by-step instructions to master the mechanics

Private Facebook Group to post videos and get immediate feedback from Train 2.0 coaches

Registration For The Downhill Skating System Is Closed

30-Day Results Guarantee
Promising results in hockey is really hard. But we do it anyway. So we promise that you will skate like McDavid in 30 days and be ecstatic with the results or we give you your money back. No questions asked. Test out the system and be amazed with the results or 100% of your money is returned to you.