The Shooting Mastery System

How to Shoot Like Laine, Matthews, Kucherov, & Kessel


– The 4-Week Course to Master Your Shot and Become a Shooting Wizard – 


Have you ever noticed that there is a huge gap between your shot and the shooting masters?

Is there that one player on your team who can just rocket the puck past goalies? But no matter how hard you practice, you just can’t catch em?

Does it frustrate you that you practice – but don’t get results?

And isn’t it maddening that there isn’t a resource to tell you how to shoot like NHLers?

You see, there are players who practice their shot to get better. And then there are shooting masters.

You might wonder…

What separates the shooting masters from everybody else? 

Why do shooting Wizards like Laine or Matthews shoot so effortlessly?

Why do they have total control over goalies and can score on them at will?

 Why is Kucherov (who is 5’10 and only weighs 180lbs) one of the best shooters in the world?


The Answer: The Shooting Masters have Mastered The Magic Mechanics Of Shooting.


Look, I’m not saying that you don’t have to practice. I’m not saying you don’t have to work hard.

The truth is that you have to practice. You have to work hard.

But you know that. You accept that. And you already do that.

But practice is never enough. Hard work is never enough.

So if you blame yourself for not having a good shot – that ends today.

Because without the right mechanics – all the hard work goes nowhere.

It’s like riding a cruiser bike when everyone else is riding $10,000 custom race bikes. You can pedal as hard as you want – but you’ll never catch them.

It’s a matter of mechanics.

So that’s why we built the Shooting Mastery Course.

We studied the NHL Shooting Masters, broke down their mechanics…and now we’re teaching them to you.

Not the typical Drone Coach advice. Like ‘use your legs’ or ‘get your hands out’.

These are the real deal movements, the Magic Mechanics that allow you to disguise your shot as a completely different release. So before the goalie knows it, you have already scored and are off in the corner celebrating.

These are the Magic Mechanics that give players like Kessel, Ovechkin, Matthews, Laine, Kucherov, and Burns complete control over the goalie, forcing them to guess wrong before they even take a shot. 


Complete control and complete confidence on every shot. Imagine that. 

With this control comes an amazing feeling every single time they shoot a puck.

Why do you see players like Laine and Ovechkin always banging their stick, demanding the puck?

Because it feels so damn good to shoot when you’re a Shooting Master. 

That’s why you see these guys constantly practicing their shots.

Sure. They practice to get better. But its mostly because it just feels so good to shoot – they want to keep shooting.

THAT is where we take you.

The truth is that you have a natural instinct for shooting and scoring inside of you. That’s what led you to pick up that stick in the first place. Something about that hockey stick called to you. And something inside you recognized the call and said “I’m meant for this.”

You DO have the ability to be a Shooting Wizard, you have just been waiting to learn how.

What’s Inside the Shooting Mastery System?

NHL shot mechanics broken down into simple to learn movements and drills

The stickhandling patterns that Shooting Masters use to release the puck from

                any position

Stealth Release Patterns that make some shots impossible for goalies to read

Off-ice drills and mechanics designed to help you master the on-ice mechanics

Increase your scoring rate with the science of timing and placement

The Core Four release patterns that Shooting Masters use to fool goalies

Bonus Releases patterns that will give you limitless shooting options

Access to the Members Only Shooting Mastery Facebook Group 

*Where you can post your own shooting clips and receive feedback from Jason (Founder of Train 2.0, professional hockey player and kinesiologist) and other Shooting Masters using the Shooting Mastery System.

Gain Access To The Shooting Mastery System: How to Shoot Like Laine, Matthews, Kessel, & Kucherov

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30-Day Results Guarantee
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