January 28, 2018

The Perfect Skill System

The Perfect Skill System is a system that combines science, technology and psychology to help players master skills at the fastest possible rate.

Players who master the Magic Mechanics of hockey the fastest have the best chance of winning.

Today, most coaches use a combination of guesswork and voodoo magic to teach hockey players. Or at least that’s how it appears. However, they use words like “experience”, “common sense”, and “resume” as code words – because it sounds better that way. Very few coaches use an “evidence-based” approach.

Many players and parents seem to be okay with guesswork and voodoo magic coaching philosophies.

But at Train 2.0, we call this Drone Coaching.

Some players and parents do not find this type of coaching acceptable. If they invest in coaching, they expect it to produce results. They expect the instructions to be simple, trusted, and to provide measurable progress.

For those players who want simple and trusted instructions with measurable progress, I introduce the “Perfect Skill System.”

When players use the Perfect Skill System they experience NHL level learning. They engage the most powerful learning engines in their brain. And they turn on their Feel Your Body Learning circuits.


How? (This is the science part)

Through instant video feedback compared to NHL players.

How do we achieve this? (This is the technology part).

We place two iPads side by side. One playing an NHL player’s skill. Another with a time delayed video of the player.

Why does it work so well? (That is the neuro-psychology part)

When the player compares their video to the NHLer’s video (let’s say Auston Matthews’ wrist shot), circuits in the brain automatically compare and contrast the movement. The player immediately and unconsciously makes adjustments to their shooting technique to more closely mirror Matthews.

It is an exciting time. Technology opens up new possibilities.

Here’s the system in action:

It includes:
  • 2 Tripods
  • 2 iPad Mounts
  • 2 iPads
  • 1 Video Delay App
  • 1 Video Looping App
  • Clips of NHLers performing skills

If players want to learn a skill in record time – they can.

If a parent wants to save money on coaching – they can.

If coaches want to dramatically increase the skill of their players – they can.

The system is simple and flexible.

Notes On Saving Money:

Idea #1: Rather than use iPads, you could use an Android Tablet or phone in the place of one iPad (the looping video one)

Idea #2: Rather than use the second iPad you could just use a tablet for the video replay (you still need at least one tablet)

Idea #3: You can get used tripods for $20 each – but the tablet mounts generally cost $40-50 each (Total investment could be as low as $300 depending on what you already own)

Idea #4: Parents often feel pressured to spend thousands of thousands of dollars on “elite” teams with great “development” programs. The truth is that most “elite” teams with great “development” are designed to make money (from parents). For a few hundred dollars, parents and players can use a Skill Development System that beats any development on these “elite” teams. (Unless those teams use the Perfect Skill System). Players love using the Perfect Skill System! And they see noticeable results much faster than any other system I’ve seen.


Some of you might wonder if the Perfect Skill System stops at two iPads, two tripods and a couple apps. It doesn’t. I envision this system evolving to include a drone that tracks players movement while the player wears a heads up display in their helmet. And the drone broadcasts the time delayed video replay of the players movement to the heads up display. The time delayed video is side-by-side with the NHLer’s clip. I imagine that each player on the team would wear one of these heads up units and would be able to review their rep during every drill while waiting in line. Perhaps even after a shift in a game.

Players show a huge improvement every time I show them video of their play and compare it to NHLers. That’s what gave me the idea for this version of the Perfect Skill System. Now with the increased frequency, players make adjustments with surprising speed. Getting increased visual feedback with the Drone – Heads Up Display version takes the system to the next level.

The Golden Age:

Hockey is moving out of the dark age. The shift has already occurred. You might be able to feel it.

The smart players, parents, and coaches are getting too good. They’re starting to win. And it’s just the beginning.

Poor performing coaches and systems won’t survive much longer. They are being weeded out.

You are starting to see a change in how players and parents evaluate coaches and coaching systems. Evolutions in technology, psychology and science makes this possible. And the players, parents, and coaches who are aware of changes in these forces will get caught on the upswing.

“You are entering the Golden Age. It starts now.”



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