Our Certified Coaches

Our certified Train 2.0 coaches are enthusiastic advocates of the Train 2.0 philosophy, which uses movement-based science to improve hockey performance. They've completed the Train 2.0 Coaches Course and have demonstrated their deep understanding of Train 2.0 mechanics through a rigorous clip analysis test.

As experienced practitioners of the Train 2.0 system, they're eager to share their knowledge with aspiring hockey players and help them discover the benefits of optimal mechanics. If you're looking further enhance your Train 2.0 experience on the ice, don't hesitate to reach out to one of our certified coaches in your area.

Not seeing a certified coach in your area? No worries - the list is constantly growing with new coaches signing up for the training program. If you're interested in becoming a certified Train 2.0 coach and having your information displayed here, sign up for the Coaches Course below.

Become a Downhill Skating Coach

Jason Yee

Founder & CEO

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Kevin McKinnon

Certified Coach

Pembroke, ON, Canada

Frank Gervino

Certified Coach

Fond Du Lac, WI, USA

Mason Hackel

Certified Coach

Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Chris Szulwach

Certified Coach

Syracuse, NY, USA

Ryan Shanahan

Certified Coach

Toronto, ON, Canada

Riku Suntio

Certified Coach

Turku, Finland

Spencer White

Certified Coach

Montreal, QC, Canada

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Certified Coach

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