Welcome… To The Secrets of Patrick Kane

Can This Course Really Teach You To Stickhandle Like Patrick Kane?


Have you spent hours and hours trying to improve your stickhandling?

But it hasn’t worked?

Do you ever wonder why some players have great hands?

But despite all your hard work, yours are sort of…average?

Are you tired of seeing the same drills that don’t seem to work?

Ya, we are too. And that’s why this course is for you…



Are You Looking For The Secrets To Having The Best Hands On Your Team?


You have seen the magic of Patrick Kane, and I bet you have marvelled at his skill.

How can he freeze defenceman when the puck is on his stick?

How is he able to stickhandle so effortlessly?

So you might wonder: How can I get to that level?


You Have The Potential To Unlock This Skill


Here is the truth… you have the opportunity to separate yourself from the competition.

You have an opportunity to unlock a skill set to control the ice like a magician.

However, your coaches are unable to show them to you… because they don’t have the answers.


Introducing “How to Stickhandling Like Patrick Kane”


You have probably invested hundreds – if not thousands of hours into stickhandling. You probably invested hundreds if not thousands of dollars in stickhandling aids – different gizmos and gadgets. And yes. Each of them worked. A bit.

You probably noticed an improvement.

But was it the improvement you were looking for?

Was it the improvement promised to you?

Was it the improvement that caused people to say “Wow”?

Probably not.

I mean, let’s be honest. Patrick Kane isn’t reading this page right now on his laptop. He doesn’t need this course. And after this course – you won’t need to visit pages like this ever again.

Imagine that.

Learning all of Patrick Kane’s mechanics in four weeks, and then enjoying them for the rest of your career.

What is “The Secret”?


The secret that was revealed to me by carefully studying Patrick Kane’s skill coach is…Video Research. Darryl Belfry said that he spent years and years studying the best players on video – and then teaching those skills to his players. Like Patrick Kane.

While most other coaches are stuck on a merry-go-round – giving the same advice that’s always been given – Darryl Belfry was learning from the best. He was blazing a trail forward. He didn’t listen to the same nonsense. And neither should you.

So that’s what you are about to learn. After studying Patrick Kane’s mechanics for thousands of hours, we honed in on his special mechanics.

You will learn…

Patrick Kane’s top-hand grip that changes EVERYTHING

Kane’s Posture Secrets That Unlock Your Stickhandling Range, Fluidity, And Ease

The “Other 90% Of Stickhandling” – How Patrick Kane uses his hips and footwork for great puckhandling

Kane’s “Drag” Move that replaces the old “toe drag” – and boosts control while lowering risk of bobbled pucks

Kane’s secret to effortless dekes (and it has nothing to do with hands)

How to improve your stickhandling speed by not stickhandling

Isn’t it time to finally get to that next level?


Do you know what it’s like to improve your stickhandling? Everything gets easier. Seeing the ice gets easier. Skating with the puck gets easier. Passing and shooting get easier. It’s true. Don’t you see it all the time?

The feeling of having complete control of the puck is addictive. Knowing that puck bobbles are behind you. When that puck hits your stick, it’s there to stay. Unless you want to pass or shoot.

When we started learning these mechanics, this is how we felt. We enjoy impressing people with our crafty moves and smooth hands. And the players we teach love this too.


Give Yourself The Gift Of Great Hands…


If you spend hours and hours working on your stickhandling – then don’t you deserve to get somewhere? That’s what we thought. But the results were hidden from us.

We worked very hard to build a system that would give you the results that you want and deserve. Because players who are willing to put in the time should be rewarded.


Let’s Take The Next Step Together


What would it do for you if you could stickhandle like Patrick Kane 4 weeks from now? How many doors would it open? How would teammates and coaches look at you?

If you’ve put in the work but haven’t seen the results, it’s time to take the next step. Step into an improved system that is designed to give you a specific result. And then enjoy great hands for the rest of your life.

Don’t Take Our Word For It…

Here are some of the results our members are getting…

Here Is What You Gain Access To With The Course…

Four Week Step-by-Step System That Covers Kane’s Stickhandling Mechanics And Teaches You To Implement It In Games

Over 45 HD Instructional Videos & Detailed Instructions

Private Facebook Group Where You Get Feedback On Your Progress

Stickhandling “Flows” to develop natural fluidity, instinctual movements, and in-game transferability

A Results Guarantee – We stand behind our product and will refund you 100% of your money if you do not get the results that we guarantee

Gain Access To The Patrick Kane Stickhandling System

Choose how you want to gain access to the Kane Stickhandling System.

Kane Stickhandling System
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Gain Access to The Kane Stickhandling System for $97/mo monthly membership. 7 Day Free Trial. Cancel Anytime. 30 Day Results Guarantee. Includes TrainAI, Downhill Skating System (How to Skate Like McDavid), HockeyWOD, Magic Mechanics Checklist, Pattern of the Pros, and Bonus Clips. 7 Day Free Trial - Then $97/mo
Annual Membership
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Gain Access to The Kane Stickhandling System for $997 annual membership fee. ($83/mo) 30 Day Results Guarantee. Includes TrainAI, Downhill Skating System (How to Skate Like McDavid), HockeyWOD, Magic Mechanics Checklist, Pattern of the Pros, and Bonus Clips. 7 Day Free Trial - Then $997
30-Day Results Guarantee
We stand behind this course. So we promise that you will stickhandle like Patrick Kane in 30 days or we give you your money back. No questions asked. Test out the system and be amazed with the results or 100% of your money is returned to you.