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Upgrade your off-ice training to develop Explosive Skating Speed that will take your game To The Next Level…

Jason Yee UBC

Isn”t it true that a faster first step, acceleration and top speed would help your game? Of course it will! 

[Players]: Imagine the feeling of taking a strong, hard stride and pushing right past your opponent. Can’t you just feel your legs with that extra push? Doesn’t it feel good to hear, on the ice, that powerful crunch? How proud would you be if you quickly developed a stride that is stable and strong?

[Parents]: Doesn’t it feel good knowing that you found the program that puts your kid ahead? Isn’t it true that you’d feel happy seeing them finally develop at the right pace? Wouldn’t you like to see your kid winning loose pucks with a stride that is more explosive?

The only way you arrived at this page is if you are on my private email list. This tells me that the process of becoming a member of the Nouveau Elite has already begun for you. You obviously appreciate the idea of getting better, faster. We can all agree that this is because you’re willing to do uncommon things to get better results.

If you’re here, then you know that this program is designed to fill the gap in knowledge found in most dryland trainers and power skating coaches. On the other hand, the teachings in this course are chosen to meet the needs of elite hockey players who want to develop a faster first step, a stronger push, and a more stable stride. Except this course teaches the lessons that most others miss. Doesn’t that make this course even more valuable to you? I’m sure you can imagine yourself or your kid getting ahead with this uncommon information.

As a regular reader of my blog, you’ll remember that I’m a university trained kinesiologist with experience playing at the junior, college, and professional level. The course is a result of thousands of hours of coaching experience and, getting results from hundreds and hundreds of athletes. Huge results. Surprising results. But mostly, results.

As a member of the Nouveau Elite, I’m very happy to be able offer this course to you. I know you are excited to get started and find out what is inside – so let’s go!

Jason Yee , Train 2.0

PS: If you are still not sure if this program is right for you, check out my full and free blog article on developing a faster first step. It explains my approach and will load you up with some free advice!

This 8 week course will teach you science based techniques to Massively improve your skating speed…

Weekly Video Trainer
Jason Yee Doing Off-Ice Exercises For Explosive Skating Speed
  • 8 weeks of High Definition video
  • Powerful information
  • Science-based, Proven Techniques
  • 20+ Videos to address your every need
Why doesn’t everyone do this?
  • They don’t recognize that there is a big gap in the knowledge of most “experts”
  • They don’t like to think differently to get better results
  • They don’t realize that it is actually simple and easy
Mr. Jason Yee of Train 2.0 - Hockey Skills Development Expert, Hockey Video Coach
You will Learn:
  • How improving your posture can surprisingly improve your speed, power, & stability
  • How learning one key movement can improve your speed, power & stability
  • How mobility is holding most people back – and exactly what to do about it
  • Real Russian plyometrics – not watered down versions you’ve probably been taught

Read what our athletes are saying…

Coaching Ice Hockey Legend

“The skating techniques Jason shared with me have helped me continue playing at the pro level”

Mat Bodie
Hartford Wolfpack

Cohen Adair

“Working with Jason I was able to significantly increase my quickness, speed, and agility to give me that boost I needed to compete with and outskate my opponents.”

Cohen Adair
Northern Michigan University, NCAA Division I

Nic Renyard - Hockey Goalie

“The techniques and movements I was taught increased my speed in the crease and brought my game to the next level”

Nic Renyard
Okotoks Oilers (AJHL)
University of Massachusetts (NCAA Division I)
2014-2015 Canadian Junior A Player of the Year

Jarryd Leung

“After working with Jason and his detailed approach for one summer, I was one of the fastest and fittest players on my team.”

Jarryd Leung
Prince George Spruce Kings (BCHL)
Wilfred Laurier University (CIS)

Carlos Grouchy

“With Jason’s professional and technical training, my on ice game improved in every aspect, especially my skating speed.”

Carlos Grouchy
Kindersley Klippers

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