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November 17, 2016

How To Deke Like Erik Karlsson – The Erik Karlsson Deception Guide

How To Deke Like Erik Karlsson – The Erik Karlsson Deception Guide

Erik Karlsson is fast. But that’s not the reason he’s so good. There are plenty of fast skaters in the NHL, but only a few who are as deceptive or as good at “How To Deke Like Erik Karlsson” as Erik Karlsson. Reading patterns and exploiting them is part of the “Puppet vs Puppeteer Framework” that I explain in this video. And Karlsson is a master puppeteer. This is of course a feat…since he’s a master puppeteer at the absolute highest level.

As a player, I was really fast. And I often beat players with speed. It wasn’t until I got to Junior A that I realized I couldn’t beat players with my speed. I needed something else. I needed to be controlled and deceptive. But there wasn’t actually any resources for players to learn deception. The closest thing that popped up was Darryl Belfry’s YouTube videos. He talked about turning toes. And this was a revelation to me.

After learning this concept, applying it in my own game, then teaching it to hundreds of players, I’ve come to learn the 3 key things that players must understand to “Turn Toes”: The Puppet vs Puppeteer Framework, Be The Last To Commit, Turn Toes and Attack The Heels. In this video I go over what these 3 things are, and how to apply them immediately in your game.

– Jason

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November 9, 2016

Dynamic Warm Up For Hockey Players #2

Luckily the Jason-Filter, Filtered out the weirdness of warm-ups and left you with the effectiveness. Hockey players, get loose, feel good, and play good. With this dynamic warm up crafted just for you.

November 9, 2016

Dynamic Warm Up For Hockey Players #1

For about 20 years, Jason Yee made a fool of himself experimenting with the most outlandish warm ups…so that you don’t have to. Here is the stuff I found that made the biggest difference.

Make a big difference in your preparation without looking like an idiot. Do what Jason says. (Not what he did…)

November 9, 2016

Superman For Hockey Players

Are Hockey Players already Supermen? (and women..?) Well, yes. But not their lower traps. Their lower what? YA, you have traps down there too. You gotta train up for silky mitts and to not look like a caveman. (Except you Brent Burns…)

November 9, 2016

Side Plank For Hockey Players

Is this only for hockey players? Meh. Would probably help anyone. But hockey players are likely to make a few key mistakes which would butcher their progress. I cover them in this video. And you get to see me sideways…

November 9, 2016

Reverse Fly For Hockey Players

How To Do A Reverse Fly For Hockey Players

In all honesty, I searched around on the internet for a good demo and couldn’t find one. Plus, there’s a few things that hockey players should make sure to do when they do reverse flys. We cover all that in this video.

November 9, 2016

Incline Bench Press For Hockey Players

How to Incline Bench Press For Hockey Players

In case you didn’t get enough bench press already, add some incline in for good measure. Be strong from every angle…and dangle! (I made that up just now…should I make a T-shirt?)

November 9, 2016

Bench Press For Hockey Players

How To Bench Press For Hockey Players

Hockey Players have weird shoulders and look like ducks when they walk. I should know…I’m still “recovering” from a 20 year hockey career. (It’s not going that well because I still play and coach…oh well). Not that hockey players need to do anything super different, but there’s a few things to watch out for. In this video, I show hockey players to get the most out of the bench press without being a dud and hurting themselves.

November 9, 2016

Lunges For Hockey Players

Lunges For Hockey Players

An excellent exercise for lower body strength, stability and mass gain. You’ll love them. Honestly, one time I did them so much that I couldn’t walk for three days. And I’m not exaggerrating. My mom had to carry me up the stairs.

November 4, 2016

Should I get 1on1 coaching for ice hockey?

Online Video Hockey Coaching with Jason of Train 2.0

Before we answer the question “should I get 1on1 coaching for ice hockey”, we should address the elephant in the room. We can probably agree that the cost of ice hockey is getting pretty out of control. Right?

As a competitive hockey player, I watched first-hand as my parents made humongous sacrifices for me. They cancelled family vacations. They withheld purchases. And they saved and saved their money for me to participate at the highest level so I could fulfill my dreams.

I know that I was beyond fortunate. Many kids simply never get a chance to play because their parents know they can’t afford it, and tell them flat out “no.”

So when players are already paying thousands each year to play hockey, how can you justify the added costs of a 1on1 hockey coach?

Like I said, I am beyond grateful for the opportunity I was given when to play hockey at an elite level. And even more grateful that my parents were able to help me play at the highest level to help me achieve my dreams.

So to give back, the first thing I do is to give 10% of Train 2.0’s proceeds to KidSport – so that all kids can play. I believe that the game of hockey gave me so much – and I believe that the gift of hockey should be shared with those less fortunate.

The second thing that I do is I build the absolute highest value programs for players. When a player starts a session with Train 2.0, the magic is already well underway.

As soon as a player books a session with Train 2.0, you are asked to send in video of recent game-play. Before the session even begins, your coach reviews your video and matches it up to our library of NHL clips. If you’re going on the ice, your coach will send you back video to watch so that before you get to the rink. This primes you for the absolute fastest learning when you step on the ice. If you are doing a video session, you’ll review your video 1on1 together. We use the psychology of expert modelling by comparing your video to NHL clips so that you learn faster.

Now that you are primed for your session, you are ready for something different. A session designed to alter your trajectory. You may notice that during the session your coach uses the science of accelerated learning and the psychology of persuasion to bring out the absolute best in you. The skills, blended into a formula, are immediately transferable to game situations. And because you’ve already seen it on video, your mind is primed to learn it faster.

And when your session is complete, your coach will take you through a number of mental exercises proven to deepen your learnings.

At the end of the day, a 1on1 session with Train 2.0 is worth way more than anything else out there.

So I say to parents: objectively evaluate where you’re spending your money.

Are you spending money on some sort of showcase with the hopes of getting “exposure”? Or are you throwing money at programs because you think you’re getting “development”? Or are you singing up for every team out there just to “keep up”?

It’s easy to follow the crowd. It’s actually ingrained in our psychology to do so. So it isn’t your fault if you’ve though these things before.

But, the ones who separate themselves from the pack have the mental fortitude to…


Just for a second.

And …


They ask: Is this worth it?

Should I spend $2000 on this team? What could I accomplish by putting that money elsewhere?

For example: You could hire a 1on1 on-ice skills coach, a video coach, a martial arts instructor, a gymnastic instructor, and a strength and conditioning coach all for the same amount. And you’ll likely get way more VALUE from hiring a bunch of 1on1 coaches than pumping your kid into yet another half-baked development/exposure “opportunity”.

Obviously, players need to be on teams and compete. And it’s easy to say yes to yet another team, or yet another group-program-thing. But when you say yes to that, and you say yes to that financial commitment…what are you saying “no” to?

You’re saying “no” to a coach who is going to take the time to really instruct.

You’re saying “no” to 1on1 feedback.

You’re saying “no” to deep insights into what is really going on.

Knowing the financial battle my parents went through to give me the opportunities I needed to develop, I often felt conflicted. When I first started coaching, I struggled with being yet another expense for parents. But then I remembered what it was like for my parents to find that great opportunity for me. How grateful they were to see me feel like I was progressing instead of struggling. How grateful they were to see a huge jump in my performance, my confidence, and my happiness. I realized that if I dedicated myself to being the best coach, to giving the most of myself, to providing absurd amounts of value to players – that I could be “that” opportunity for other players and other parents.

That’s why I give away 95% of my material for free online, give back 10% of all my proceeds to KidSport, and deliver the highest value coaching to players that actually makes a huge difference in their career. I KNOW that an hour with Train 2.0 is going to give a player better insight, more learning, and a bigger jump in performance than any sort of extra team, extra showcase, extra tournament, or extra “development program”.

Obviously as a private coach I am biased. And honestly, I love coaching teams and tournaments and groups. But as for changing a player’s trajectory, there’s nothing that compares to 1on1 coaching.


If you thought this article made sense, then you might be interested in Train 2.0’s programs because they make sense too.