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February 22, 2017

What Separates Top 6 NHLers from The Bottom

I explain the science behind the magic of top 6 NHLers.

The Magic isn’t some sort of mystical force. It has to do with the WAY that Top 6 NHLers learn.

The Drone Coaches and Surface Thinkers struggle with a concept I call the “Look-Feel Paradox”. The Surface Thinkers would still crash the Titanic today if they were steering it.

Drone Coaches and Surface Thinkers like to think in terms of measurable improvements. They look at your skills and hope 5% improvements will help.

Wizard coaches literally CREATE new skills. They go from 0-1. Zero to one. They find the unique parts of a player’s game that they are missing. That is holding them back. Then they plug the missing piece into the puzzle. When this happens, the results look magical.

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