January 19, 2017

Pavel Datsyuk Stickhandling – Was He Only Average?

Pavel Datsyuk Stickhandling Training – Was He Only Average?

In this video, I’m going to explain why you probably have more talent than Datsyuk.

Yes, that’s right.

You have more talent than Datsyuk.

You’re probably watching these clips right now and thinking that I’m nuts. And you’re right.

Datsyuk wasn’t known as the magic man because he had more talent and skill. He was known as the magic man because he had magic mechanics.

His mechanics allowed him to use less skill to achieve more magic.


Did you know that cross country skiers have way more aerobic capacity than runners? So their lungs and hearts can process oxygen way better than runners.

But if you put a skier in a race with a runner – the runner wins every time.

Why? Because the runner has better mechanics.

Datsyuk has better mechanics than most players. At Train 2.0 we call them magic mechanics.

His mechanics literally make it EASY for him to display magical skill.

Your mechanics make it hard to display magical skill. You’ve practiced all these drills to develop your hands, but the mechanics you are using are making it really hard. Kind of like the skier trying to run.

The most important part of Datsyuk’s magic mechanics is his hip movements. Everyone thinks he has the best hands. He really has the best hips.

The two things he did better than anyone is the hip scissor and the 45 degree step. I’ve mentioned both in my McDavid and Karlsson video breakdowns.

What if you had more talent and skill than Datsyuk and you had just been taught the wrong mechanics? What if there was a way to literally make a quantum leap in your development?

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– Jason

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