Hi, I’m Jason,

and I have a question for you…

Do you want to know the secret to making standing out on your team and dominating the next level?


Let me know if this seems familiar…

You’re told to work harder, practice more, be more dedicated!!!

You’re doing those things. But that EXPLOSIVE SHIFT in your game hasn’t occurred. It feels like more of the same and you’re not getting anywhere.

Like you, I got frustrated when I followed my coach’s advice, and it didn’t work. What you really want is that shift into another gear. To be truly elite in your movements. To move, skate, shoot, pass, without thinking. For effortless decision making. But your coach, your friends, teammates, other parents…they don’t have the answers.

But now you do.

You arrived at a very special page on the internet. This is the start of something big for you. And the hockey world.

Let me be upfront and honest with you: I want to sell you on Train 2.0. But I’m not going to do it the typical sense. I’m going to give so much value, interesting thoughts, and actionable takeaways that you’ll be better off on your hockey journey. I’m going to point you to my free resources, as well as my Train 2.0 Membership. What you do from there is up to you. I honestly appreciate you taking the time to read very much. Ok, so what is Train 2.0…?

Train 2.0 is the “Next Version” of hockey training. And the results we’ve seen in less than a year are outstanding. But before I tell you about that, let me tell you how it works.

First, we study NHLers. Thanks to technology, this is the first time in history that we’ve been able to research the movement and patterns of NHLers so closely.

Then we create step-by-step instructions. We believe that if NHLers can do it, you can learn it too. So we create instructions and then we test them.

Then, we interact. We gather feedback from our players and our community to see what instructions work and what ones don’t. We don’t care about being right. Only about getting results.

Imagine how this is DIFFERENT from the rest of your hockey development.

First, rather than study the best movers in the NHL, coaches copy other coaches. Or they talk to the hockey spirits and pass along “common hockey wisdom.” They don’t do the research or think for themselves.

Second, rather than testing the instructions to see if they work, coaches just assume that they work. They keep jamming advice down your throats – even if it’s untested and unproven.

Third, we want to be proven wrong. That’s part of the process. And that means PROGRESS. When is the last time your coach asked you for feedback?

The result of this system is rapid progress for our players. I’m really proud of their accomplishments so I’d like to share a few of them below. I’m also proud to say that in the last year, I started working with my first three pro clients – and we’re working on building more!

How Do You Use The Train 2.0 Membership?

Like me, most players, parents, and coaches who are students of the game do a little extra.

You’re watching YouTube. Reading books. On Instagram. Monitoring Twitter. Reading Blogs.

We’re hungry for knowledge. For that little tidbit that will be the tipping point. That thing that makes you go “AHA!!!”

I promise that your life will be filled with AHA moments with the Train 2.0 Membership.

You know that person who suddenly gets better at something. And you’re not sure how. Then it turns out they’ve been studying something new. Well, that’s our members. They wake up in the morning and check our private members Facebook Group for the latest posts. Then they go into the members’ area where they access the step by step instructions and deep insights into the mechanics. From there, they select what they’ll work on that day.

Even if you have practice, training, or development – the way you THINK about the game changes.

You start seen little advantages here and there and you start taking them.

You’re still spending the same time on your phone or computer. But now you’re going deeper. And you’ve unlocked another level.

That deeper understanding propels faster improvement. Without spending any extra time. Or effort.

Players are always logged into the membership area. Whenever they have a struggle, they know that there’s a video to help them overcome it – faster than ever before. And if it isn’t covered, they post in the Private Members Facebook Group – and that sets the system into motion.

What Can You Expect As A Result?

I’m going to hold back a bit here. Because you won’t believe the actual results that you’ll get. But rest assured that your entire game is going to change.

When you receive the puck, it will feel like its part of your body. This is because you’ll learn how to synchronize your hands and feet. Plus find the sweet spot on your blade for the most control with the least amount of tension.

You’ll look forward to every single shot because it will feel so good. There’s a sweet spot to the rhythm of your release – that uses the new technology of today’s sticks – that feels so damn good.  You’ll learn how to use your edges to increase your power, accuracy, and quickness.

Your hockey sense is going to improve because your movements become more effortless. So you can focus on what is around you instead of concentrating on moving.

You’ll trust your own instinct more than ever. Coaches do a huge disservice to players when they tell them to ignore how it feels and do it their way. At Train 2.0, we literally take you by the hand and help you to trust your feeling. Your own natural instinct. You have that voice. We help you make it louder. Even when it goes against what we’re saying. Because trusting your FEEL is the MOST important part of your game. (And then we examine why – we change our language, our instructions, our assumptions – it’s always player first and feel first at Train 2.0.)

I literally hate when someone is trying to sell something, tells you all the benefits, and then pretends that they’re only inside. So I’m not going to do that. The truth is that you can find all of this information on my blog, on my podcast, on my YouTube videos, and in my Instagram posts. If you’d like to learn about “Trusting Your Natural Instinct”, you can do that here. If you’d like to learn about how to shoot effortlessly, you can do that here. If you’d like to learn about synchronizing your feet with your hands and removing tension, you can do that here.

In the Members Area, I get an opportunity to go deeper with the video breakdowns. They are long form, in-depth and detailed. And they are arranged in an order for you to learn from them the fastest. They are accompanied by written explanations. And you have the support of the Train 2.0 Community if you have any questions. Plus I always do my best to get back to members right away.

You’re going to see a huge difference in your game within 30 days. And you’re going to have a game-changing breakthrough. And if you don’t, I’ll give you your money back. That’s how confident we are in the system.

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Bonus Features – NHL Breakdown Clips, Private Drill Clips, Uncut Footage, And Audio Programming to help great players play with their Natural Instinct.

Gain Access To The Train 2.0 Membership

If you’d like to join the Membership to see accelerated results, I’d love to welcome you. And if this isn’t for you right now, I hope that I can still help you with all my free resources. Please make sure to check them out!

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30-Day Results Guarantee
Promising results in hockey is really hard. But we do it anyway. We promise that you will be ecstatic with the results you see, feel, and hear (compliments from your teammates) – or your money back. Yes, ecstatic. If you are not ecstatic with the results within 30 days, let us know and we will refund you your money. No questions asked.