Praise for Train 2.0

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I came across your McDavid Drive Wide Guide in mid-October 2016, signed up for a membership immediately, and went through the guide one time with Owen. He tried the drive-wide three times the next game, and got it on the third try.

Since October, Owen’s game has gone to another level according to observers. Although Owen knows it was the drive-wide formula that sparked the change, he just tells his coach that he began moving his feet.

Last spring, Owen was not considered among the top 80 2002 players in Quebec. Last week, he was selected to Team Quebec for a tournament next month, as one of the top 40 2002 players in the province.

To be sure, we are using your guidance to develop more advanced formulas for Owen’s game.

-Brian S.

I feel that I am at a crossroad right now in my career as a player, and this could put me on the right path. My whole life I have felt I deserve more, and I came to train 2.0 to get it. Now I feel myself improving faster that ever.

-Train 2.0 Member

In two months I have went from a player with one of the worst hands on my team to a who is bantam a and has better hands than many midget aa/aaa player. I can hardly wait for tryouts next year. Using your advice for two months has been more beneficial to me that my other 7 years of playing hockey altogether. Thank you and keep up the great work!

-Train 2.0 Member

Your work may revolutionize player development. When you created the membership area and started posting pieces of the dominant player system on YouTube, I knew this would be something that would change the game. Turns out I was right. Keep up the good work!

-Matt C.