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From: Jason Yee

Professional Hockey Player, Kinesiologist, and Founder Of Train 2.0. Researching And Coaching The Science of Instinct for Great Hockey Players.
How does it work?
Move with instinct. Play with instinct.

The Train 2.0 Membership is Train 2.0's premium video content membership. These are all the secrets that Jason uses during 1on1 and small group ice sessions to train great hockey players - condensed into video lessons for you to watch on your own time.

The Premium Video Content includes lessons, breakdowns, and the exact drills Jason uses on-ice to to help players unlock their instinct. Members watch the premium videos, then post it in the Members Private Facebook group for feedback from other members and Jason himself.

The drills, movements, and lessons you or your child will learn will unlock Natural Instinct. And when players play with their natural instinct - they are creative, engaged, and rewarded.
What is the Train 2.0 Membership...
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic".
 - Arthur C. Clarke

Think of the drills, information, and lessons in the Membership as software. You are downloading a new program - one that unlocks your natural instinct as a hockey wizard. And the best part is that the software gets updated to be more refined, more powerful, more...magical...
What People Are Saying
Information That Parents And Players Are Grateful to Finally Receive

Cam Hoel

For the first time, a coach fully explained why I should do certain exercises. Jason helped me see another side of hockey. I used to think that the only way I could get better was by "working harder" - even though I didn't even know what that really meant. Jason basically took me by the hand as he showed me the answer to my question "How Do I Get Better?" Oh, and in two months, I achieved my 18 month goal of making the Tier 1 Team at my club!
More Learning Packed Into Less Time

Gene Chan

I find that when my son is learning from Jason, one hour with him is worth many as with other coaches. He combines knowledge from so many fields - and it's all backed by a reasoning I understand. We count ourselves blessed to have come across Jason and his work!
Immediate Noticeable Results

Austin Roden

Jason's Peak Performance Strategies, and everything he taught me were a huge part in my success as a rookie goalie in the BCHL. And I couldn't feel more confident going into the season after knowing I got the best coaching. Jason really breaks it down to explain what you're doing and why. I think it really helps me get the edge!
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  • On-Ice Drills - The "Source Code Drills" are the exact on-ice drills that Jason uses to train great skaters, puck handlers, and scorers.
  • Off-Ice Training Program - The HockeyWOD is a hockey specific off-ice training program that is customizable, efficient, and fun.
  • Private Members Facebook Group - The best place to improve online with. Members share videos, feedback, and collaborate on their skill development with regular input from Jason Yee and Train 2.0.
  • NHL Breakdowns - Full length and in-depth NHL Skill & Hockey Sense Breakdowns.
  • Bonus Features - NHL Breakdown Clips, Private Drill Clips, Uncut Footage, And Audio Programming to help great players play with their Natural Instinct
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