June 2, 2018

Hockey Drill Of The Day

Hockey used to have a Human Resource Problem. Not today.

If there was a really good coach in New York, but you lived in Winnipeg, you MIGHT get a chance to work with that coach if they happened to have a camp in Winnipeg. Or perhaps your family has the means to go to a camp in New York. But ultimately, if you lived in Winnipeg, and the master coach was in New York – you were kinda screwed while the players in NY were not.

That problem doesn’t exist anymore. Why? The internet. Problems that used to be human resource problems are now only “information problems”.

So that’s why I built the Hockey Drill Of The Day. 15 Drills. 15 Drills that I use as a professional hockey player. 15 Drills I designed as a kinesiologist. Sent to you for free. Something that you can practice at home.


It seems more democratic to have players succeed who are willing to search for the right information – and put in the work. Versus players who are lucky and happen to live in the same city as a master coach. The internet is helping to move things that way.

I dream of players coming out of the bush, playing on ponds all their life, perhaps in Northern Scandinavia, or the Yukon… but who happen to have some great wifi thanks to Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos or someone … who stickhandle better than Kane…or shoot harder than Laine.

Our members LOVE watching our videos, learning, and participating in our Facebook Group. And the feedback they give us is that they LOVE it so much, they want to take it with them to practice. So we’re working on becoming a more usable resource.

The first thought that might come to mind is: Build an App!

This is a good idea. But I can’t code. So the build time would take too long. And every time we need to make a change it would take too long and cost too much.

What I prefer is a direct channel to Players, Parents and Coaches. Enter Messenger Chatbots.

We create Messenger Bots through Facebook. This allows us to deliver value, and gather feedback from you really fast.

We can quickly and easily make adjustments to the flow and content. And we can personlize your experience. A coach in Florida doesn’t want the same experience as a player in Calgary or a mom in Sweden. We can customize the experience just for you! Plus, we have a ton of flexibility in how we deliver you content. And what content we send you.

We built two bots already called WODbot and TrainAI. And players, parents, and coaches absolutely love them. They use them all the time. So we decided to build some more. Like Drill Of The Day.

If you’d like to get one drill per day sent to you from Train 2.0 for free, you can do that here.

Thanks for reading today!



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