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August 2, 2017

What Are The Magic Mechanics

Is it true that there are Magic Mechanics that NHL players use to achieve spectacular results? And is it true that anyone can learn them?

Magic? Yes. Magic.

You might think that I actually believe in Magic. But any sufficiently advanced skill or technique looks like Magic. That’s what we’re tapping into here.

David Blaine does not possess magic powers. But his skill is so advanced that it looks like Magic.

I’ve used the term “Magic Mechanics”  as part of a months long social experiment. I’ve enjoyed reading some of the comments of one-dimensional word-thinkers who think that by using the term Magic Mechanics – I believe in Magic. Simpletons.

It’s useful to think of the world in terms of mechanics instead of magic. But most of the hockey world looks at world class hockey skill as if it is magic.

If world class hockey skill is mechanics, not magic, similarly sized players should be able to attain similar skills. Unless you actually believe NHLers possess Magical powers.

With that in mind, I’ve developed a framework to help you think about the Magic Mechanics of NHLers.

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