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March 26, 2014

Finally! Real Innovation in a Hockey Stick!

Finally! Real Innovation in a Hockey Stick!

It’s been a while since hockey gear has gotten me excited. When I was younger, I definitely fell for some of the marketing mumbo-jumbo that many hockey companies put on their gear. With regards to hockey sticks, companies will have a “loading zone” with marked decals…or they’ll supposedly have two flex points…or they’ll make one designed for “pure power” and another designed for “quick release”. All these things are great IDEAS, but I was always curious if the IDEAS were a result of the marketing team or a team looking at how people shoot.

It seems that the team that put together this V Series for Easton has actually looked at how players shoot. They’ve innovated the reinforced toe, which I think is crucial. As mentioned on their video, most players are actually shooting off the toe, and using the flex of the BLADE to get whip and a quick release. I really notice that the best shooters on my team use their toe much more than the weaker shooters, so reinforcing the toe for its use in quick release shots is a great idea.

The other innovation that I think is great is their dual lie patterns. I know they’ve been around, and pros have been using them for a while, but I’ve been stuck with very standard blade patterns my whole life. I’ve basically been using a blade pattern that’s about 25 years old. The dual lie patterns take into account the different mechanics a player uses to stickhandle/receive passes, and to shoot. With my pattern, I’ve played around with my stick lengths to try and get one lie that work for both. It makes sense to have a blade designed with two lies. (One time I shot with a pro’s 2-lie stick and was absolutely blown away…but didn’t want to get attached to his curve because I knew I wouldn’t be able to use it)

The flex profile of the stick which causes it to flex more lower down is pretty interesting, considering that the very first Easton Synergy had a tapered profile so as to make the stick more flexible higher up (I think). Anyway, the flex profile that they’ve adopted isn’t something I really understand. I can’t really comment on it because of this.

If you do understand it and wanna let me know, comment below!



March 23, 2014

Ubyssey Version of Creatine Supplementation

No-Nonesense Guide to Creatine Supplementation

I already wrote an article on creatine supplementation for my blog. But this version has some nice quotes from one of my profs and has the added bonus of being edited! Give it a read if you want a refresher, or if my last iteration sucked, and you’re glad I rewrote it.

March 17, 2014

The Ubyssey Series: Improve Your Hockey Shot

The Ubyssey Series: Improve Your Hockey Shot

March 16, 2014

The Ubyssey Article Series

I thought I’d have some fun for my last few weeks of school so I decided to write a weekly column for my school newspaper, The Ubyssey. I’m going to also publish those articles on the blog once they’ve been published in The Ubyssey. The articles will be a bit more basic in scope and aimed at non-hockey or beginner hockey players. Nonetheless, might make some of the content on my blog more readable. Hopefully you enjoy!

March 12, 2014

Team Confidence

I’m writing right now for my team that I will be coaching in May and June. It is a team of midget players that will be competing at a tournament in Whistler at the end of June. All the players are AAA or higher players, and most are wanting to play at a higher level. My mission in coaching these players is to provide them with useful coaching for their upcoming careers. I want to give them information, skills, and insights that will help them make and excel on a major midget or junior team come mid-august of this year. Part of this will be that I’m going to institute a rather radical system. I know that if the players buy in and have confidence in the system, they will have confidence in their ability to win games in our upcoming tournament. This article will describe my model for team confidence, what it looks like and what factors contribute to team confidence (more technically known as team efficacy).

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March 11, 2014

Hard Work? Or Focused Intensity?

I absolutely hate vague, non-descriptive, ambiguous phrases in hockey (or in life). None more so than “work harder!”.

I’m a few weeks away from coaching a midget team for a spring tournament, so this post outlines how I plan on approaching the common desire of coaches to tell their team to “work harder”.

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March 6, 2014

Ideal Sports Environment

From the Talent Code blog, here’s yet another great article. This time regarding the ideal environment for athletes to succeed and flourish. Check it out here

March 4, 2014

Tight vs Loose: What’s your set point?

I’m currently in playoffs, and I’m seeing a lot of tight bodies on my team. I’m seeing players going to trainers with sore backs, or sore hips, or sore shoulder. The most common thing that they say is “I’m tight”. I’m finding it a battle myself to keep all my tissues loose and relaxed with so much game play. 

In this article, I want to talk about the benefits and costs of having your muscles have a set point that’s loose vs tight.

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